China Cheap Price Multi-Row Biscuit on Edge Flow Packaging Machine

  • China Cheap Price Multi-Row Biscuit on Edge Flow Packaging Machine
  • China Cheap Price Multi-Row Biscuit on Edge Flow Packaging Machine
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Mechanical Overview

1. Machine with advanced technology, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, stable performance, precise operation, efficient and durable, easy to operate, energy saving and other diversified quality characteristics. Set of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, testing, coding, counting, transport and other processes in a fully automatic multi-functional packaging machinery. Can be all kinds of -like material used in food and drug, chemical and cosmetic industries (eg:  sugar etc.) in different packaging materials, packaging bags,
2. Machine manually using computer man-machine interface, automatic detection and alarm system program, application imports PLC, cylinder, optical, touch screen, temperature controller, inverter, relays, servo motor, high-end hardware configuration of the power supply circuit.

Features Of the packaging machine: 
1. Dual frequency conversion control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
2. Human-machine interface, easy parameter setting.
3. Self failures diagnosis, clear failure displaying.
4. High sensitivity photocell, digital input of cutting and sealing position for extra accuracy.
5. Separate PID temperature control, suitable for packing different materials.
6. Reciprocating sealing makes the seal firmer, without wearing the cutters.
7. Sealing with gusseting device makes the bag better looking, improving the product level.
8. Positioning stopping function, not adhesive to cutters and no waste of packing films.
9. Simple driving system, more reliable and more convenient maintenance.

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